RETS Metadata Form

  • Post Type — the post type name for the listings. Make sure the post type name doesn’t already exist in your site, otherwise, change this to something else.
  • Post Title Format — enter the post title format which is also used as the complete address of the property. Enclose the field name within curly braces to have it replaced by the actual value of that field for the listing.
    e.g. {StateOrProvince} — if “StateOrProvince” is what your MLS calls this field for the “State” value, then this will be replaced with the actual “State” value (e.g. FL) when the replication process runs
  • DMQL Query — the dmql query to run for the initial replication process. The format for this field is like that of a URL query string (e.g. key1=value1&key2=value2), but is transformed into a dmql query string when the repliation process runs. %%replication_date%% placeholder can be used for the dynamic date which gets replaced with 1970-01-01T00:00:00+.
  • Sync DMQL Query — similar to DMQL Query but runs during sync process. %%replication_date%% placeholder here will be replaced with whatever is the latest date-time (and up) the last sync process run (e.g. 2017-01-18T00:00:00+).
  • Display Address Field — select the field name that defines whether the property’s address is allowed to be displayed in the internet or not
  • Display Address Value — enter the “allowed” value for the Display Address Field. E.g. enter Y, or 1, or whatever is the actual value you get for the Display Address Field field.
  • MLS Number, Status, Street Number, Street Name, Street Suffix, Neighborhood, City, County, State, Postal Code, Price, Photo Modification Timestamp Fields— select the actual field name for these fields.
  • Non Taxonomy Fields — enter the field names that have very long value (e.g. remarks, notes, etc)
  • Latitude/Longitude Field — if your MLS have these fields, enter their respective field names. This is used in map view marker.
  • Thumbnail/Large Photo Field — enter their respective field names. Thumbnail is used in the search results list/photo/map views. Large Photo is used in single property page.