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Initial Setup

Go to IDX Realty Pro > Admin > Overview tab Make sure the required files and libraries are installed or have met the minimum requirements (should have green background). See screenshot: If not, there should be a button that you can click to install these files or libraries (except if they’re server software requirements, e.g.…

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RETS Metadata Form

Post Type — the post type name for the listings. Make sure the post type name doesn’t already exist in your site, otherwise, change this to something else. Post Title Format — enter the post title format which is also used as the complete address of the property. Enclose the field name within curly braces…

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Hello! I’m not able to sign into WordPress.  Jennifer may have changed the login and/or password and has left no record of it. Can you help? Thank you! Erin

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search function

It’s not really an error, just a few thoughts It takes a long time for my computer to load when I click on PROPERTY SEARCH. I also tried it in an incognito tab, and it was the same. When I search a city, I scroll and select a house to look at, and when I…

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RE: Feed initial Setup

This is a message requested: See attached for license details… URL for SITE: Same username/pass as before… if you need your login updated or need anything to help facilitate what you need to do, please let us know.

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IDX Leads Pro Admin Section


IDX Leads Pro Addon for the IDX Realty Pro main plugin allows for On-Site Leads Management, or a steady and integrated options for connecting to your favorite CRM.

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